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 The Vishwa Nirmala Prem Ashram founded in 2003 by H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is a Non-Government Charitable Organization(NGO) dedicated for rehabilitating the weakest sections of the society,namely destitute women and children ,with the main focus on the girl child.This NGO embraces everyone without the distinction of caste,religion,region,race or colour, all are welcome.

The building, spread over 10.120 square meter., of greenery in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi herself has designed this enchanting building. A refreshing water fountain at the entrance of the ashram welcomes one and all. This leads to spacious, cool and shady verandas.

The courtyard inside the building is teeming with life as it harbors 1 goldfish ponds and a large birdcage, thus one is never far away from the melodies of nature. The garden surrounding the ashram is home for many trees, bushes, flowers, small animals and birds. Thus one feels completely in tune with Mother Nature throughout the year.

The building itself consists of four big halls which are used as dormitories and are amply furnished with cupboards, beds, tables and chairs. It is also well-equipped with a fully functional kitchen. Adjoining the kitchen is the dining hall where the ashram members get to socialise whilst enjoying the delicious food, cooked by the ashram members with love and devotion.

A doctor's room, two guest rooms, an office and a room for the director also form the ground floor of the home. The first floor is occupied by a huge meditation hall and a small room for Shri Mataji. Apart from this, there are two rooms for ladies accommodation, General manager office, a training hall with sewing machines, small beauty parlour, computers and a library which is open to all the members living in the ashram.